TB6600 with Ramps wiring


A simple one as it is kicking me pretty hard, anyone have a good wiring guide for Ramps 1.4 > tb6600> nema 23s


I have a few online and i am not getting it working. I get power and error light on the steppers.
I get 12 volts to the stepper vial stepper wire and .7 after i hook it up to the stepper.


thoughts suggestions, I am running this on my ramps build that works with nema 17 and was on the mpcnc so it works pretty well.



I think it could be wiring I had changed from TB 6560 to TB 6600 thought they would swap out, but no they are different the input is not the same. Me the king of assumptions thought a plug that only goes one way would be wired the same not in china.

GND and VCC go to the 12V Gnd and VCC. The (+) wires get wired to 5V on the RAMPS, EN(-) goes to the EN pint, DIR(-) goes to the DIR pin, and PUL(-) Goes to STEP. The motor gets wired without RAMPS involved. I don’t think you need to tie any ground points between them, because they are using differential signals. If you get that working, post a diagram of your own here, future folk will want it.