Tensegrity table printed on Mpcnc Primo

Had these steel 3/16" powder coated diamond plate pieces and wanted a cool table. Mpcnc’d it!
Chain link in the center and red coated cable on the perimter. Brackets 3d printed with my Primo using a 1mm nozzle and 3mm walls with 25% infill. The parts are crazy strong. The round diamond plate weighs about 40 lbs. Table works great.


Oh that is awesome!

Super rad. How long did the prints take?

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Each bracket took 28 hours and some change at 90mm/sec. Each has 1- 3/4 rolls of 3mm filament. they weigh about 3.8 lbs. each. I was not sure that they would be strong enough at first, but they definitely are very strong. I weigh about 165 and can sit on the table with no deflection.

That’s bad ass! What type of material did you use for the 3D printing portion and what kind of nightmare was it to get the first layer to stick?? That print would have me up all night!

No heated bed, but Aquanet hairspray is magical! The material is ESun PLA+. It is good and strong and is easy to print. I am also using mesh bed leveling with a BL-touch sensor, for printing it is a must.

Congrats on making a printer that’s reliable for that long and can print that fast! One cool table, hopefully you don’t get tired of people asking how it was build :slight_smile: