Tension bolts threaded all the way

I have troubles with my gantry, I’m not able to make it even close to being square. I’ve understood that I should break the gantry in by using it first, but the lack of squaring is pretty severe. I’ve got a hunch that its caused by the pipes being too uneven, but I just now had another thought:

Could the tensioning be affected by the fact that the bolts are threaded all the way? Should they be smooth, so that the whole tension “region” is loosened or tightened evenly? If the threads dig into the plastic (which they often do), I wonder if it affects the properties of the tensioning??

Hard to say why some aren’t pretty close at first. I have heard of others reaming out the holes, but that is kind of the point of just using it for a little while, if it is too tight it will creep and loosen up. At the same time if your tubes are really far off then I have no idea how close it can even get. With no tension on the bolts and Z axis in place it should be close.

Severe and close are relative. some find a 1/16" off over a foot severe, I think that is close.

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