Tension bolts

I’ve bought an MPCNC kit from local seller. He sells it with preassembled parts. While putting trucks on tubes I’ve noticed a tension issue. I’ve been reading an assembly guide on v1engineering site which says that trucks should slide slowly if the pipe is tilted.
So, 2 trucks seemed loose and 2 trucks seemed overtightened. I’ve fixed one from the tight pair. Now it’s on the loose side, but better than the other two.

The guide doesn’t specify if the same criteria apply to setting the tension of Z-axis, but if it does, than I guess that Z-axis tension bolts are overtightened. And it’s a real pain to reassemble the core to get the bolts right.

My question is, should I bother with reassembling all the trucks and Z (if it does need to slide freely) or it will work okay?

Ummm… Buying a kit from a local seller? Possibly not kosher. @vicious1?

To be clear, he would be in the wrong, not you.

Yes. You should also tell on the seller, probably not authorized.

Well, of course he’s not authorized. It’s just a guy with a 3d printer, I guess. I’m not complaining about this part.

I’ll brace myself for a bolt-turning party then.

Hmmm. What to do …

Ryan designs these parts as his full time job. The parts are given to hobbyists for free for their own use. The permission to use the stl files to print files and sell them to someone else is not permitted by the license.

The selling of the printed parts pays for Ryan’s design, support, and the servers that run this community.

There is a lot of good will here. But other vendors picking up business at the expense of Ryan and this community is an offense. It would be really good to have this vendor connect with Ryan. He does have authorized resellers (who print the parts for sale). He could make a deal with this person if they want to continue.

I don’t blame you, but this is not ok and you should not be proud of it.


Oh, sorry. I think you might have misread my tone, I’m not proud of it at all.

Please forgive my ignorance, I didn’t realize it was an issue until now.

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You might not be complaining, but Ryan might be.

This also kind of highlights the problems with unauthorized sellers: that they might be doing stuff wrong, and then it’s the MPCNC/Ryan that gets the bad rep. Still, hope your experience turns out for the better.

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Ryan contacted me and I gave him the details on the seller.

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I think your original question was answered, but it might have been missed.

Personally, I think I would disassemble the parts and rebuild them. This would let you double check all the tension on the bolts and to test the subassemblies during the build process.