Test Crown Issues

Hello, I am having issues with getting the crown test pattern to execute on my MPCNC. Everything is set up on the machine, and the manual control works perfectly when connected to Estlcam. I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong. From what I can tell on my screen, Estlcam is generating the gcode, but it doest seem to work once loaded into repetier host. Can someone please point me in the right direction as to what specific settings for either Estlcam or Repetier Host that I need to implement in order to make this work? I have gone through the message boards and Youtube, but am not having luck with finding information that seems to help. Also, please know that I am not familiar with programming or many technical terms, so any responses in layman’s terms would be much appreciated!

The first thing to do is to bypass EstlCam and print the test file that Ryan has provided. You will find a link to the g-code near the bottom of this page under the Test File setting. Using this proven g-code file will tell you if the problem is EstlCam or some other issue. Next make sure you have EstlCam setup the way Ryan indicates at that some web page.

If you are still having trouble after do these two things, post back with your results and include the first 25 lines or so of the g-code file that is not working.

It shouldn’t. Did you flash the control software from estlcam? What controller are you using?

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I missed that. Somehow I thought he was using Repetier-Host. Sigh.

First do this:

  • With the power off, position your pen in the middle of your work area with the tip of the the pen just touching the surface of your paper. It is important to do this positioning before you power your board on. You can raise and lower the pen by twisting the lead screw by hand.
  • Run the already generated g-code code file that Ryan provides for the crown that I referenced earlier. This one.

If this works, you can try your g-code file doing the same thing. Let us know what happens. If you end up with a failure, post the first 25 lines of the g-code file that failed. Note that coordinate issues are typically an EstlCam parameter not set correctly or you have electronically move the pen and have not reset the home position to (0,0,0). Once we understand the issue, we can give you a fix.

Robert, the test crown worked just fine now that I reversed the z wire harness. Thanks