test pattern, please evaluate

I’ve used my mpcnc to cut large things (on the scale of inches), but it seems to be not so good at small things. I mainly see the problem with small text. I’m attaching a jpg of a test pattern which has shapes and text. The shapes look pretty good - parallel sides, correct size. The text seems a bit squiggly. I went back and adjusted the gantry as described in the assembly documentation - make sure all bearings are touching, etc.

Please look at the output and tell me if you think this is as good as I can hope for, or is something clearly amiss?
I’ll attach the e10 file too if possible.

I only see the input pattern. I’m assuming the e10.jpeg is the e10 file?

If you have arc commands on turn them off, or if they are on turn them off. See if that helps.

What speeds are you using, how long is your z axis?

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There is a .jpg and an e10.jpg. rename the e10.jpg to just e10 if you want to see the e10 file.

In estlcam, arc comands are on. I’ll try turning those off.
Speed x,y is 12mm/sec.
z-axis conduit is 14 in. I was planning to also use it as a 3d printer, but that idea is fading.

I would say your lines are excellent for a working length of 14", when 4" is about as tall as you should go without other means of support.

correction, speed x,y is 25mm/sec, not 12mm/sec

I have a 6" that prints very very well with a mk8 style extruder.

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After you try without arcs, try 12. Only change one thing at a time please.

Arcs usually only work for very large arcs and saves a lot of lines of code, but for small arcs usually better without.

this is the image with arcs turned off in estlcam. It already looks better. The text is less squiggly.
I’ll also try speed reduction.
I suppose the last option is cutting down the machine height. I suppose go back to the calculator.
I want mill two by N dimensional lumber. What do you think the minimum height would be to support that?
I suppose it depends on the length of my longest bit.


Oh, this is a scan from a pen. I didn’t look closely at it because I thought it was the input file.

It’s not the pen mount’s fault is it?

Looks good, at that size it could be your surface, the pen mount, Pen mount tension (should be light try a felt tip), etc. I think it’s pretty good now.

I used a ball point pen with Ryan’s printed pen mount - which is also a spring.
I’ll try it with felt tip as well.