Testing 90 Degree V-Bit

I’ve been up and running for a little bit and have been picking up a few bits/end mills. I wanted to try out my new v bit with a bevel cutout. I got my 12 year old daughter in on it to help make something. We decided on a cutout of our home state.

This was cut at 1mm per pass with 1/4 inch MDF. The bit was a 90 degree quarter inch carbide tipped bit. I used a feed rate of 1200mm/minute. Speed was about 80% (Dewalt 660 with Harbor Freight speed controller). The board was .1mm thicker than the standard to metric conversion .and had to cut out with an exacto. A lesson learned to measure the materials first.

Looks great! I haven’t heard about the harbor freight speed controllers. Where do you find info on this? How do you determine the speed?

The DeWalt 660 is a 30,000 RPM machine. So I go with that to start and with the variable speed controller, I adjust it to get where I want it. The router spindle speed is more of a guess based on where I set the variable speed controller.

Here is that speed controller, which is basically a dimmer switch.