Testing midori and cnc.js

I have a spare TV right next to my mpcnc, so I figured that I would try and put it to use. I think I have everything working, but I think that the TV I’m using is dying. Was wondering if anyone would be interested in testing what I’ve done.


I started with a working cnc.js on a pi 3, after that I installed midori browser, x, and a window manager. So basically one cnc.js is working I:

sudo apt install midori

sudo aptitude install xinit

sudo apt install matchbox

sudo apt install x11-xserver-utils

sudo nano /home/pi/startcnc.sh

sudo xinit /home/pi/cncdisplay.sh

ctrl+x (Y) (enter)

sudo chmod a+x startcnc.sh

sudo nano /home/pi/.bashrc

(add “/home/pi/startcnc.sh” to very end of bashrc)

sudo nano /home/pi/cncdisplay.sh

xset -dpms
xset s off
xset s noblank
matchbox-window-manager &
midori -e Fullscreen -a http://mpcnc.local/

ctrl+x Y enter


Note: I set my hostname to mpcnc.local



So, my TV isn’t broken and everything seems to work, but Midori won’t connect. I keep getting “connection refused”. I’m going to play with addresses and port numbers, but if anyone has some insight it would be greatly appreciated.

Doesn’t default install of cnc.js listen on port 8000?

midori -e Fullscreen -a http://mpcnc.local:8000/

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I’m pretty sure when I setup cnc.js I also setup port forwarding via iptables. I’ve been out of town for awhile, but I’ll give it a try once I get a chance