Text is being carved backwards

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to do some carving using a V-bit and wanted to carve a name in a frame but I was quite surprised when it carved backwards, for example “word” was carved as “drow”. I assumed it was my unfamiliarity with Fusion 360 so I sought help on their forums and after a review it seems the gcode is being produced correctly and they have suggested it is a machine set-up issue. The Fusion 360 simulator always showed it was carving correctly. Thus my post here to ask for help in understanding where should I start to resolve this on my LowRider2.

I am using a Rambo v1.4 as provided by Ryan and I have not made any modifications.

For Fusion 360 I am using this post processor: DIYCNC Milling/Laser - Marlin 2.0 /DIYCNC_Marlin20 which has been working well for my normal panel cuts.

I wonder if the issue is my preferred orientation where X is the length of the bed, and Y is the height of the bed (that moves the carriage side to side on the bed).

Anyways, I hope there are some steps I can go through to check/test?

Thanks for your time to review and reply.

The +Y direction should be counter-clockwise 90 degrees from the +X direction, or your parts will come out flipped one way or another. I’m guessing your +Y direction is clockwise from +X?

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your reply.

Can you clarify further or ELI-5 it for me? Picture/sketch would help and I’ve attached what my table is.

Is it a matter of reversing plugs on the Rambo then?

You should reverse the direction of X. 0 on the left will solve it.

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Thanks guys, I know that seemed simple but for me it was hard to tell if software or hardware. That did indeed fix it. (reversing x plug).

Now maybe Fusion360 orientation and my orientation will be the same, lol.