TFT35 E3 v3.0.1 no response on M0

I have a skr 1.4 turbo and tft35 e3 connected to my lowrider2 dual endstop.

my problem is that the screen does not respond correctly to M0 / M1 commands.

  1. the text i coded that should be in the pop-up does not appear
    2 when I press ok the code does not continue. it works well enough in merlin mode just not in touch mode.

I am using the official firmware for TFT35 E3 as the firmware from this page presents several issues in the form of unknown errors and M82 errors when I turn on the cnc. to that there was no cnc menu which i thought there would be.
The latter is ok as I have coded some custom commands in config.ini to use for zero workspace, z-probe etc. but thats where my problem comes in with M0 / M1 as they are used for the z-probe.

I have made changes in marlin firmware by activating EMERGENCY_PARSER among other things recommended for the TFT35 E3

I am not sure about your screen, we use the V3. The text does not show, but pause and resume do work so maybe check your config settings.

I only use marlin mode as the touch still has reliability issues and …more importantly, I like to see my words pop up as I use it for tool change notes.

do you have a suggestion for what to look for in my config?

Have a look at our config and see if anything differs in yours.