Thank you Ryan and Gang!

Long story short (medium):

When I joined the military my first unit had a 120 watt epilog laser in a box they didn’t know how to use. I took some cnc/cad in highschool so I got it up and running and started doing some basic stuff. Along comes a guy name John who asked me to engrave the most beautiful cutting board I ever seen. I asked him where he got it, and of course he made it. Hes been wood working for 30+ years and we hit it off. He taught me everything he could about wood working and I got 10 years experience with that ol laser.

Anyway, I finally pcs and move around a bit and now that I’m nearing my retirement I decided I really wanted to get back into all that. I build a small woodshop in my basement and pull the trigger on a cnc. ( Not the mpcnc). Man this thing has been giving me all kinds of headaches. I finally get frustrated and buy v1s primo. I’m tired of this crap and this thing looks good.

Well it’s out together and it’s cut a bit, and I couldn’t be happier. It is so we’ll thought out and a great machine. I’ve had more success cutting and cleaning up my spoilboard with this thing then the other machine!

Thank you Ryan and everyone in the forums. I actually look forward to this stuff again.


So much dust in MDF. :smiley:

Mdf is a love hate thing. I try to never work with it, but makes a good spoilboard. I’m gonna clean everything up later and make it all pretty, but I have a few projects that are on the docket first, so ghetto spoilboard and wiring it is!

My spoilboard is MDF as well. Much cheaper. :slight_smile: And I normally do not cut it (much). :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome to the Crew, glad you like it!