The easiest CAD software for a newbie is...

What is the easiest cad software to use for a complete beginner? I need to create some working drawings to mill parts. I have to create parts I can carve. These are interlocking parts that look like the picture.[attachment file=111279]

If you have not used anything else you should really start with Fusion 360. NYC CNC has all the video help you could ever need. When it comes to starting out they are all the same, you draw a shape (crudely), then add dimensions, then extruder(or cut). It really is that easy. After that you just keep stacking operations to get more and more complicated. The part you are showing there can be done in two extrudes or an extrude and two cuts.

I saw you post this before, and I can give you some tiny advice. Be very careful copying a product if they have a patent (for any reason) they HAVE to pursue any violations of the patent or they loose it. So if you are doing something similar check for a patent and make sure you do not violate it. I know it sounds extreme but you put it out publicly that you want to duplicate this, it can get ugly fast.

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I have Fusion 360 teacher version because I teach. Lucky me. This weekend I’ll play around with it and watch videos.

Certainly good advice to follow. Can you delete this and the other thread for me? Or at least the pictures?

Thanks Ryan