The first cut is the deepest...

A successful build of a 36" x 24" MPCNC with 3/4" EMT. Great design and good fun to build.

The title is an homage to Rod Stewart, apparently the board wasn’t level and the first cut went through the laminate to the wood. I kindof like the highlight effect!

No problems at all with the build and assembly. The steppers are relatively feeble 48oz but I am running it nice and slow and it works.

One small issue, the Y axis judders/shakes a bit. Might just be in need of wearing in as I haven’t sanded down the conduit yet.

Thank you for the massive amount of work that has gone into this design.

AWesome, looks good, clean cut!

Don’t worry about the steppers I used 42’s for the longest and didn’t find a need to switch them, but got a great deal on the 76’s. You should be fine.