The lazy seems to be habit

I just mostly finished my mpcnc. So I decided to test cut the frame and print this bad boy up. Except I forgot 2 of the back brackets. I really decided to transfer my anet a8 guts to this sweet setup. I'm super excited because it's already way more ridged than my anet a8.#1 I won't have to mess with firmware (just my off set in cura) #2 I'm lazy. I have 2 sets of printer parts left over from my hang printer v3. I really just don't want to mess with firmware. It is my weakest part of this hobby.

Project #231 (30% complete)


That’s not lazy, it’s just time efficient.

And it makes me wonder, if one were to source motors and couplers and leadscrews and rods and linear bearings and a control board and all that, how would the total cost compare with just buying an Anet A8 and throwing away the frame?

Maybe cannibalizing the Anet A8 is also cost efficient.


my rod sizes are way off. i needed to extend the y clamps 11mm each so I could compensate to over all 22mm. Yay for modifications!



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I am getting closer