Thingiverse got hacked, again, go change your passwords!

Really, go change your password.


Thank you sir.

Done and Done!

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Thanks. Done.

Anyone know what the end game would be for hacking those accounts? There’s no financial info, right? I guess they could be trying to get common passwords that are used on other accounts. Seems like a waste of time for little returns unless it’s a competing site trying to pull users over. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Many people use the same passwords on many websites. What if they used the same password on thingiverse and their bank? That’s why it’s potentially a big deal.


I know many people who agree with the “Thingiverse is not being maintained at all” sentiments expressed here. It’s just one more place I don’t have to subscribe, and I am really happy with the constant development going on at PrusaPrinters as a repository for files. It’s just that Thingiverse has so much traction!

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Thanks for the heads up!

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While you’re thinking about it. Check for other things (that we know about) at .

One reason they do this is because they can. But they can also build up a lot of info. Phone numbers, DOB, Addresses. Soon they will know more than me! Then they can start doing real damage. In the mean time, they will try to convince me to extend my vehicle’s warranty and sell my email address to a company trying to find new customers.


dammit I’ve been pwned.

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Thank you! Changed it just now. Good looking out!


Good thing I built my own printer …