Thingiverse tips?

I don’t remember setting this up, but people can tip me somehow through thingiverse to pay pal?

I guess the first person did, and I got a message saying: “Hooray! We just sent you a payment for $1.00 to your PayPal account on file.” from thingiverse/makerbot. I looked through my notifications and I can’t see any details about where it came from (would be nice to know which design they liked) or when it happened, or who it came from.

I checked my paypal, and there is $0.67 in it. Not sure how the accounting worked out, or who took what cut.

Since it’s such a small amount, it’s just very interesting to me. Anyone have experience with that?

Once you are logged in go to this link. I am not sure any other way to get there. There will be a little blurb on your dashboard feed. but there is more info in the email that is sent and no other way to get it I can find.

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Thanks. That is helpful.

But… Hilarious. I found which part I was tipped by, and it was something I remixed, just to flatten in out, because it was at a very difficult angle to print at. It said it’s from “App 3D Print with Treatstock” which I guess is a 3D printing company? IDK.

I’m usually very careful about licenses, and I can see that the original is non-commercial, so I should have had mine also set to that, but I didn’t. Weird. I don’t know if I just didn’t do it right, or if the original author changed their license later.

At any rate, I changed mine to non-commercial, so there goes that income stream :).

If you’re curious:

Heh, my one and only tip was for this one.

I have had 2 tips. The 1st I missed out on because I had not setup my account. The 2nd one was for $5 which I got $4.55 for. It was the Parametric Shaft coupler I did 3 years back. I was happily surprised to get a $5 tip for this. This had its beginnings with Ryan’s coupler, so thanks Ryan.

It’s still a WIP, you should finish it!

Think I set all my things to WIP cause it seems they are never finished. Also, when someone asks why it does not do something, I can say it is work in progress.