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Dear all,


i’ll use this thread to show some of my things which are build with my MPCNC.

Yesterday we was inventet to grill in the garden of my brother and his wife.

So i made a little present for them.

[attachment file=104815]

graved in Oak, paintet in black, grinded with my Rotex outlines formed with the scrollsaw, edges made with a chisle oiled in the end.

Regards Stephan

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Some other things, done with the drag Knife.

some shirt’s:

for my daughter

[attachment file=104818]


[attachment file=104819]


[attachment file=104820]


[attachment file=104821]

my new (old) convertible (Saab 9³) which has a scratch from the previous owner, i made a plaster

[attachment file=104822]


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some milled parts:

calmping shoe’s and irst engrave test

[attachment file=104825]

ER-11 Collet holder

[attachment file=104826]

Regards Stephan

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I love it, I have to add some of those to the gallery!

@Ryan: Feel free to use my pictures.

The custom band-aid for the car is fantastic!!