Things I Have Made in WI

I have a roof rack that uses 8020 Extrusion Bars as crossbars on factory roof rails. I have previously made risers for it out of seaboard using my MPCNC. They were actually my very first project other than some drawings. With that said on roof rails the cross members weren’t even so I couldn’t lay things flat on them if I needed to. To remedy that I finally was able to cut my first aluminum by putting in slots on one side of the member that will allow me to adjust vertically the height of the cross bar. Had to also design a jig to hold the piece correctly. Was a pretty fun project to locate everything.

Cutter: 1/8" Single Flute upcut from V1 (worked perfectly)

Speeds: 1000 mm / min

DOC: 0.5mm (could have probably have done 1mm)

Heck yes, good CNC project!

Got some 3mm baltic birch in from Amazon. Doesn’t seem to be the best quality, a lot of the boards are warped but I was able to get a few of these ornaments cut with my 3.5W Banggood laser. It took me 40 passes at 350 mm/min at 100%. I focused the laser on the top of the material and did 0 z-steps.

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Last minute Christmas gift. Carved the crest out of 1/2" MDF using a 1/2" 60 Deg V-Bit using Estlcam at 25mm/s and a maximum depth of 4mm and a 2% stepover. The carve took about 3 hours but I think the speed was a bit aggressive as time was of the essence. I also only went 4mm because on the backside is a keyhole slot 7mm deep and a 5mm secret pocket. Finally I finished it by first spraying with Ultra Matte Rustoleum 2X Primer + Paint and then dry brushed the raised surfaces with Antique Gold acrylic paint from Michael’s. I think it turned out better than expected and amazing what you can accomplish in a 24 hour time crunch.


I think it looks great!

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Do you have any picture of the finished project?

Hey Gene,

Here is a picture of the top of it. Let me know if you require more pics.