This is cool!

Not me, he’s a member here, but hasn’t posted much.

For printing outside in the wind, that cup came out awesome.

I love that video. I put that video on the specs page, I think it shows the machine well. I would like to make my own version.

Now what material did he use that is not melting and is safe to drink from…

What else could you do?

  • “How to change a lightbulb with MPCNC” . Mill a step latter, 3d print a lampshade?
  • “How to trim the grass with MPCNC”. No ideas here, but there must be something awesome, and you can add in some aluminum milling…
  • “How to Play Chess with MPCNC”. That’s obvious, right?
  • “How to cut your hair with the MPCNC”. Also no ideas, but I think it would be hilarious, for sure.

I’m excited to see this, Ryan. Stop updating parts and get to making arty videos for my entertainment.

PETG, maybe?

Or, it might be cold coffee, in PLA.

Sounds like a contest in the making. How would we judge it and what should I give away?

Oprah would give everyone a new car.

Become President with your MPCNC Machine!

Mill out the boards, that snap together, to make your soap box!
3D Print your Megaphone, to let your people hear you!
Vinyl cut the decals for for banner that stands up behind you!
Mill then Laser etch your button, that stats “Vote for Ted”.
Pen Plot your paper hand outs for all the people that gather to hear you!
Foam cut your A frame with “Vote for TED” that stands either side of you while your on your soap box!

Sorry, but this would have to be a better job then both Trump or Hillary are doing, and this from an Aussie!

All in fun!!!


Raw(natural) PLA is food safe, once. Though that really depends on what’s been put through the nozzle before. Coffee will never be hot enough to melt any of the plastics we use, though I’d not try to use hips plastic for it…

Okay that’s it we are doing this.

@jeff I ain’t Oprah, I have a hoopty motorcycle, shipping it would cost more than it’s worth. Cash prize, $500, or do we need to wait so I can save up some more?

How long should I run it for 4 weeks or 6 weeks, or?

I would love to do a voting based contest but it is too easy to cheat, anybody know of a voting based system? If not I will have to pick the winner with the help of my friends. Oh I have an idea…I think I can do a system of youtube views, thumbs up, and me and my friends, and maybe site comments.

I’m excited!

And Apach is already entered because of that video.

Great video! Nice machine setup with that compartment. Smart.

Count me into this contest, though I dont think I have the video or editing skills he does… or style lol

Speaking of video editing style!