This man is a genious!

DUDE, His production must be through the roof, He doesn’t stop for anything.

I made an automated electric router lift last year for my workbench, but this guy took it to a whole new level, very nice video!

Mine is here, you can see the router lift system at step 17 if you’re interested.

Dammit now I want a multifunction bench, I might have to build it into the LowRider table though I am all out of room.

I saw this, and I have seen some of his other videos. He has some cool machines.

I saw this a few weeks back. The two trim routers that pop up are pretty cool.

I’ve really been wanting to make a better lift for my regular router, but the router itself isn’t all that great. I need to get a better spindle before I bother to electrify the lift.

I still haven’t built a router table. I have a craftsman router I’m going to use for it, just haven’t gotten around to it.