This might get profitable?

The start of a few projects


A quick iris for my daughter's 4-H photography demonstration

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Cutting boards are always popular


That cutting board is a thing of beauty!! Nice work man!! I have always wanted to attempt an inlay, you have inspired me! What size of a bit have you used?



1/32 to cut the outline, 1/16 to get into the tight areas and 3/8 to clean out the rest.

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Dang, my wife is Montanan…

I’m sure that she is bummed that she missed this winter. If she comes up by the weekend she can still enjoy it!

Those are some nice projects! I have to figure out what the heck is wrong with the gallery (extra slow loading) so I can add these. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

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Well done on the inlay, very impressed.

When able please add a couple details on how you did it. Probably something as easy as a part/hole combo but wanted to check. I want to do an inlay and yours appears to fit very snugly - good work.

Have a good one

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The walnut was cut as a part outside the line with 1/32 bit .4 mm per pass at 10mm/s 7mm deep on a 8mm board. Instead of holding tabs I left 1mm on the back and used a planer to get the holding material so I could see light through it then trimmed it out. The maple was a hole cut with 1/32 bit inside the line then a 1/16 bit at 12mm/s ran an offset line inside then stepped up to 1/8 at 24mm/s. The fit was so tight I couldn’t dry fit it and had to use a board to press it in so I didn’t break anything.

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I watched a youtube video where the guy used a V bit to do the inlay. The pocket was cut with a straight bit, and then he ran a v-bit around the perimeter. The inlay was cut upside down with the v-bit with a really small offset so it was slightly bigger than the pocket. The inlay was thicker than the depth of the hole it was going into so it stood proud after being glued in. Then he ran the final piece through a planar to smooth the top.

I haven’t tried this myself. My list of projects is greater than my time in shop right now.

For the maple did you take several strips, glue them together and then mill the shape of the state?

"For the maple did you take several strips, glue them together and then mill the shape of the state?"

Yes, the round over was cut on the router table, I need to figure out how to radius the edges with the cnc.

A cutting board for a friend with his cattle brand inlaid.

Tin roof ranch? Just guessing.

Wow that looks perfect, high five for that one!

Let me guess, his ranch is in Montana? :slight_smile:

Some days it's just expensive fire wood.

Hey Josh!

Where in Montana are you?

The law firm I work for is based in Billings but we’ve infested the whole state and a few neighboring states like ND where I am and as far south as Cheyenne. A smaller MT with ND and WY included with stars for our locations would probably sell to our attorneys.

I’m in Havre it’s central but about 40 miles from the Canadian border. I have thought about some promotional stuff but between pain and my two year old I’m not nearly as productive as I would like to be. My next project is probably a filet board with a local lake inlaid.