This was a learning experience

1/4in 6061. Had to rig up a blower nozzle to it after bit failure.

Seems to be going well now though.


I’m excited to see your projects. I have two different (expensive) 1/4" aluminum specific endmils l I can’t wait to try. Thanks for the inspiration!

I decided today I’m going to build a 2nd mpcnc the new one for my new garage and keep it strictly metal, instead of upgrading this one. Youll see an order from me tomorrow for some stuff. Gotta build this one in stages.


Nice! What is it?

Not sure that really helps answer the question of, “What is it?” :slight_smile:

I want to try doing some 1/8" aluminum. I want to cut some custom parts for my Harley. There’s a silly little plaque on the air cleaner cover that I want to custom engrave.



So I tried one of the more expensive bits from mcmaster today. Its similar in design to what I’ve been using, and same amount of flutes. Right away I had issues with chatter with it. Went back to my trusty speed tigers and carried on.

Gotta get another pack, down to 3 of them now.

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