This Weekend's Goal!

I’m going to use this thread to commit myself to small victories. I have too many projects on the go and need to check some off the list. This weekend’s goal - to finish the Octopi Setup on my MP3DP. [ EDIT - goal accomplished. Side goal added to list below. ]

There. I said it. Now let’s see what the weekend brings!

Other projects include (in no particular order):
Wire and Enclose Relays for OctoPrint on the MP3DP
RetroPi Arcade Cabinet
Laser Ventilation Plumbing
Arduino Motion Control Setup for my Stop Motion Software [EDIT - Done! Thanks to the brilliant minds at V1!]
Sailboat Rewiring (might need a couple weekends)
Ender 3 Lack Enclosure


As Jocko would say “Get After It”. Post pics of progress for accountability.

My goals for today, More coffee. I will then stay in this chair all day (minus bathroom breaks from said coffee) and check this thread every five minutes to see if you accomplished something.

I got my hair cut. Also realigned my z axis on my printer. Waaay better! I was getting layer lines before, not they’re barely there, and much closer together.

[attachment file=98264]

You combine some of tgmhose projects, like the arcade and the ender 3 enclosure or the zxy and the boat.

These projects are all pretty much on my project list. My goals today is to take a hike with the kids (check) then weasel out to the shop and work on my table saw and replace cords on my handheld power tools.

You don’t look like Marius…

And herein lies my biggest challenge with so many things on the go. I get sidetracked so easily. Inspired by @David and his 3d carves from STL files I dug up a couple from online ( and have set the machine up and it’s running. Now to open the OctoPi box…

Maybe we’ll get TWO photos out of this first day of the weekend. (touch wood)

Quite often when I’m carving (no matter the day of the week) I get that ‘Working for the Weekend’ song stuck in my head. Not that I’m working for the weekend - it’s usually at times when I feel like my life is one big weekend when I’m carving because I love it so much. I’m a lucky man.

Who am I to keep the joy all to myself…

I got the print bed to my printer about as parallel as I can with the tools I have(44 year old eyes and a lot of swearing).

[attachment file=98382]

Now what fancy tool is that you’re using there?

Wow, no more than 0.03mm off, 0.056 total deviation is crazy good in my book!

I think that’s a plugin for octoprint.

Duet based core xy printer. It’s the mesh leveling script, but since we use a mic 6 ground aluminum plate for the print bed, we just do a 4 corner mesh to see how perpendicular the bed is.

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Ugh. I’ve been thwarted by the Raspberry Pi. I can’t remember the username and password for my OctoPrint login so now I have to backtrack a bunch to get back in so I can install the relay plugins. The question is do I go ahead and tear if off the MP3DP or do I spend some time looking for my notes where I must have written down the oh-so-clever username and password combination? I hate password management about the most.

The default ssh username and password is pi and raspberry. You could log in via ssh, then you could edit ~.octoprint\config . It stores the password encrypted, so you can’t just look at it. I think there must be a way to just get the original config back though, so it would ask you for a password again…

Does your browser remember the password?

You could also edit the .octoprint/config by pulling the sd card and editing it on another machine. It would show up on one of the partitions as home/pi/.octoprint/config.

Or, I should google it…

I thought based on the fact that I could run OctoPi (see the status, camera feed etc) that it was logged in but apparently it wasn’t. I tried the stuff above but the passwords were not valid so I either really locked it down or I’m just an imbecile.

A good learning opportunity- I’m reflashing and starting over. And taking notes! Hahaha

Good choice. It gets faster each time.

It was a snap actually. I’m proud of myself. And I’ve got it all set, PSU plugin installed too! Now I’m trying to get OctoClient on the iPhone working. Is it known to be compatible? If I go to the web interface from within OctoClient it takes me to the V1Pi/CNCjs screen…wait a sec…

Okay! All set! I had to change the Hostname from v1pi.local to v1pi.local:4080

Cool. Looks like my version of Cura can’t give me the INI files I need to send STLs from OctoPrint but that’s fine. The exercise wan’t to start prints, it was to monitor them and be able to respond if things go awry.

So not a complete success for the weekend goal but if the only thing remaining is splicing some power wires into the relays and plugging into the pins on the Pi I’d call this a successful weekend! I need to check my power supply to verify whether the LM2596’s are needed or not and that will tell me what sort of enclosure to whip up for them in Fusion. I think that can qualify as a NEXT weekend project. I sure don’t know what I have so many of them around here…must for for the CNCjs Pi that’ll surely come to a garage near me soon…

There is a link somewhere to the old version of cura, but it’s really old. Besides, I think I change a setting or two every few prints so having just a couple ini files seems like a pain. There are some instructions for the sli3r integration. I have that on my todo list for v1pi, but I am having a hard time finding time for it. It’s going to be a few hours work just to build it with the new versions, but I do want to get 0.9.19 in there before too long.

Good to hear it’s working for you. It really is neat software.

I’m not sure which relay you’re using, but I do have some very old instructions on thingiverse. I am not using a plugin, just the pi and an external relay board.