Thoughts on Linux OS for CNC

I found a working laptop that I had retired from tuning my car. It is a single core 2.16ghz with 2GB of ram. I was thinking of using this to run the lowrider as its not being used anyhow. What do you guys use for your CNC OS? I only have 20+ disros sitting on my server but if one is easier to get the CNC programs setup on let me know. In the back of my mind a Lubuntu setup seems like the way to go. Opinions are very welcome.

Yoi can use bcnc or repetier host or pronterface pretty confortably in lmost any linux. Lubuntu is a good choice.

The trouble with the LR is you’ll need a huge USB cable, which is why I have a pi attached to the plate and it rides along with the gantry. I then use cnc.js (but octoprint might be better) to use my linux laptop on a nearby table.

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I just use a long usb cable.


I use LinuxCNC, which installs on Debian or Ubuntu. Easy Peasy.