Threaded Rod for X,Y instead of Belt

What would I need to change in the firmware if I was to move my and X, and Y axis in the same way as the Z axis ( in other words everything moves via threaded rod)? I would be using 1/4 20 threaded rod.

Should just need to change steps per mm, though that’s going to be awfully slow…

Found on the internets

!!! For 1/4-20 Threaded Rod !!!
Lead Screw pitch § = #1/4-20 = 20 threads/in = 0.05 inch = 1.27 mm

Handy dandy lead screw calculator gives this.

Result Leadscrew pitch Step angle Stepping Gear ratio
2519.69 1.27 1.8° 1/16th 1 : 1

So, 2,519.69 steps per millimeter.