Threaded rod length?

Sorry if I am missing it but can someone tell me how long I should cut the threaded rod for the Z axis? Would it be the same length as the Z axis conduit?

I think he keeps that info in the ‘rails’ section of assembly. I am just starting to assemble my parts now. I have yet to cut anything myself.

Lead Screw / Allthread = Usable Height + 76mm (3in)

Good luck with your build! I know I am excited to get mine together and going.

Thanks I looked at that page but still missed it. So 4.5 inches shorter than my Z rails should be right.

Matt, keep in mind that is the minimum length to cut the threaded rod. I actually cut mine an inch longer just to make sure.

Thanks I will cut it a little long just in case I screw up. It just needs to be short enough not to hang below the tool mount right?