Tight fit

I’ve got this old wanhao duplicator i3, and I’m upgrading to Marlin, and trying to get as late a version as possible (without 2.0, I don’t trust it yet). If I use 1.1.6, I can just get through the door by deleting a few points on the thermistor table :slight_smile:

“Sketch uses 130048 bytes (100%) of program storage space. Maximum is 130048 bytes.”

I have about 15 hacks so far to get this to work, so I’m not positive it will work, but I’m gonna try!

“Sketch uses 130052 bytes (100%) of program storage space. Maximum is 130048 bytes.”


Are there any languages that are a lot smaller?

Jeez, did you try with auto-level off, or a more simplified version of it not UBL?

That’s just blasphemy! I am actually using bilinear. I afaict, ubl does the mesh levelling once, then just uses three points to determine the orientation for each print. If that’s the only difference, then I’m not sold. I don’t mind the probing (it takes one minute) and if the x/y were messed up, then that would introduce errors. Practically speaking, there’s probably little difference.

I actually bolted the table down, so there are no springs. If i don’t have autolevel, nothing will work.

I disabled the splash screen (which didn’t free up as much as I thought, but it’s working). I could have also freed a bunch of room by disabling sdsupport. This melzi board is crap.

I never knew they were that small. You always see the comments in the github about “costs this much space” now I know why.

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It’s been fun so far. Its a nice indoor project when it’s this cold. This was my first 3D printer. I bought it when these were on presale, spring of 2015. Actually, me and my dad split the cost. He’s not an engineer, and didn’t grow up with computers so I’m hoping to make this as easy for him as possible. My guess is that I’ll set up his computer and he’ll print several things, until it breaks and I’ll have to service it when I get a chance. So far, I’ve just printed what he’s wanted.

I just installed a bootloader and changed the firmware for the first time last week. There are some goofy things about this printer that aren’t obvious until you look at the changes from standard Marlin. I didn’t do them, someone else got it started but those weren’t perfect, and I’ve made a few improvements. I am also planning on publishing those changes at some point, but it’s low priority. There are newer versions of this printer that so I’m not sure how applicable my changes are.

The prints I’ve done this week have been good. It’s extruder isn’t great, but if I print slow, with thick layers, it is very solid.

I had the one from monoprice, I had to return it. The firmware needed updates real bad. Pretty slick if you get it all pimped out.

Working on the 2.0 for the MP3DP, Both have a eeprom disable that saves space line 960 in 1.1.X, Did you get that one?

Arc support in config-adv, saves 3222

Those are good ideas. I guess I didn’t mention that the splash screen fixed it. I am just staying at 1.1.6. I would probably prefer eeprom enabled over as support, since my dad will probably be using repetier or octoprint (I’m a good son, I’ll set it up for him too).


You had brought my attention to klipper firmware awhile back. Have you tried that yet? I see he recently added a generic config for Rambo-mini. There is a branch for a Z-probe, but I do not use bed leveling so I have not tried it. I used that firmware for a week or so, but went back to Marlin for now.


Yeah, this printer would definitely benefit from klipper, but until I try klipper and understand it really well, I wouldn’t want to force it on my dad. It is a good application for klipper though, especially because I could change the functionality of the printer through the raspberry pi, which I might even get remote access to.