Time machine travel

Lol. Remembered a blog I had and some photos of my second CNC build back in 2013, using steel square tubing an arc welder (prior to 3D printing was available to me).

Hey @vicious1 it kind of looks like the Neanderthal version of MPCNC doesn’t it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


How in the heck did you manage to keep things straight enough after welding with no adjustment points? Welded up flat bar rails…nice.

The PC case control box…I was asking neighbors for old computers so I could use the case for the plasma cutter I am building.

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One of the sides is floating. The bearing only clamp the steel bar on the top and bottom.
The fixed side clamps all 4 sides.

In the end the single motor per axis design proved not to be that good. Torsions from the spindle could make the the arms of the CNC to twist and skew.

On the other and the 7mm steel bars made the machine stiff as hell. I could literally stand on it and it would deform very little.

Years later when I found MPCNC abandoned this one to build the MPCNC in the end. Is a much more practical build in terms of maintenance and scalability. Actually one of those biffy NEMA23 motors is on the Z axis of mine now.

Me too… :rofl: :rofl: