Time to buy the stainless

Its time for me to buy the stainless for my drop table MPCNC. I have used the cut calculator but ownder about the working height/leg height bit as it relates to the z-axis. If I set my working height to 6" that dictates the leg length of course. It also impacts the z length. Is it mostly the z length that affects the rigidity and precision? I was thinking about getting them an extra 2" longer so I could cut deeper into the drop hole but 6" is enough for my actual needs if rigidity is a concern. I don’t imagine the corner legs being much of a concern for rigidity.

Short legs will aid in rigidity. All of the flex in the system sums up in some way, so mitigating one source is a win.

Do you think it’s safe to add an inch and a half or two tot he z-tube lengths? What’s the max length the supplied lead screw can work with (not that I’d attempt to go to the maximum)?

Every inch you add to Z height is directly reflected in a looser machine. Even 6" is likely more than you’ll ever use, you’d have to have bits with 6" of cutting depth! 3" is more likely in the realistic depth.