Tinkercad FingerJoint Help

Hey guys.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of a mobile stand for the laptop in the shop. I can leave everything connected and just move the entire thing.

Anyway, my mpcnc is 24"x36" so I was thinking of just using finger joints halfway up and on the outside corners to make it a little sturdier. I have been googling how to set them up for 2 days without much info. I will link the idea I have and if someone has any input I would appreciate it. I was using Tinkercad because I have access to it at work but also have Fusion360 if that would be better for this application.

The stand is dimensioned to fit over a 12"x18" mover’s dolly so I can just slide it over and run some screws in.

Any input would be great guys.





Ingenious-Stantia-Jaiks.zip (2.49 KB)