Tiny Anchor screws for 2020 extrusion?

Kinda random but I need to temporarily use the center hole of some 2020 but don’t feel like tapping it. Is there anything that will allow be to use the hole without tapping? I was thinking about some like some tiny dry wall anchor screws but for extrusion…

Thx for any input…

A 5mm hole isn’t very big for any kind of anchor…

You could probably 3D print a tube with a 3mm ID and 5mm OD. It will need a flange so that you can prevent it from turning though.

Or, use a soldering iron to heat up your screw and “braze” it with printer filament.

If it doesn’t have to be too strong, hot glue might work well enough.

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Self tapping machine screws will work.


This is the way. Thank you.