Tiny Touch Plate Setup Issue


I spent today trying to figure out the touch-plate - finally got there, but it turned out the problem was that I wasn’t settling the Z lowering height.

The store says;


Start or tool change Gcode can use a

G28 Z

G92 Z0.5

G0 Z5 F480

The problem I found was in the G28 Z line, I replaced it with “G38.2 Z-200 ;” and now all is working well.

However I noticed in the Dual End-Stop guide it does say to use “G38.2 Z0”

My understanding is that this would only bring the bit down to Z0, which could be above the Z0 set by the 'V1 Engineering Special Menu" on the pre-loaded SKR firmware, especially if the change is mid job and the new bit is sitting higher than the last bit.

Is G28 only used when the touch plate is plugged into the Z-Max - as the LR2 never had Z-Max end-stops?

The code from the store works fine on the Primo, but not the LowRider. On the LowRider, the Z axis is homed (G28) up in order to square the machine using the two stepper motors. The touch plate then has to use probing (G38.2) instead of homing.