Tips for laser

I’m searching for a laser kit able to engrave on wooden surfaces, and cutting thin wood, plastic ect…, to mount on the mpcnc i’m currently printing.
The kits I’ve found on ar quite expensive.
Any tips or links to perhaps some more budget friendly kits? (something around 120 euro?) compatible with this mpcnc?


Thx for the reply, I’ve allready looked in DTR’s shop, but I can’t find the assembled module as shown in the pdf. Perhaps no longer available?

I ordered an NDB7875 9mm 445nm via Amazon sold by DTR on 6 May and delivered last week from St Louis MO 63141. It was described on the customs declaration as “salvage dip projector parts” and is a “gift”. I am in the UK. Got to wait till June for Banggood to deliver the laser drivers so I have no idea if it works!


I bought this one
, seems to work perfectly but I am new to all this and still learning. With that said, any recommendations for safety goggles? Not sure if the $20 are safe enough.

UPDATE: LOL, just realized mine is 1.4W, now I need to check out the 2.8W