To Upgrade or Not To?

A couple of years ago I built an MPCNC using a RAMBo V1.4. It has the original 418 firmware. Should I upgrade to 513? Any advice before I attempt this?

As always, Thanks.

I would say stick with what you have unless you have a specific improvement you are looking for. If you go through the effort and don’t see a difference, then it’s wasted effort.

And if let’s say two weeks from now something unexpected happens, you will be wondering if you made a mistake in configuring the firmware, and there’s no way to really know.


Agreed. If you are having any weird problem that are software related, then one of the first things I would suggest is to upgrade it (mostly because I don’t want to debug problems that don’t exist anymore). But if it is working, then don’t worry.

We also jumped from 400 to 500 when we moved to MarlinBuilder releases. So it isn’t as dramatic as it seems. Ryan can also make 2-3 versions as we are testing them.

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Thanks, guys… I’ll take your advice.