too much play in y-direction

Hi all,

My gantry seems to have loosened up to the point that it has visible play in the y-direction. I can rotate the gantry slightly by hand around the x-rail and it’s visible when cutting and leaving artifacts. Please watch this video to see (filmed from the right side):

It’s been a while since I put everything together and I’m not sure where to start to tighten things. Any suggestions?




That is really bad. I suggest taking it apart and putting it back together. Something must have come loose or cracked.

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Thanks. I’ll have to rebuild the gantry. A couple related questions:

  1. When I first built the gantry, not all the bearings touched the conduit. The machine has been working for some time with a lot less play than what is shown here. When I rebuild should I make sure all the bearings engage?
  2. My 3d printer is somewhat out of commission but I happened to notice the “burly” parts. Worth getting the 3dp back up to print the burly parts?
  3. I was contemplating a rebuild this summer anyway to upgrade from the mini RAMBo in order to gain end stop support. Which is the preferred controller now, RAMBo or Archim?


1- yes

2- The older your machine the more of an improvement you will see. But since you are having a squaring issue it is one of teh benefits of the new design. Also check the calibration of your printer with a large printed part XYZ and all the diagonals as well (the diagonals being skewed is the most common printer issue).

3-…tough call. Once up and running they are the same The Archim is still going through some firmware hiccups once and a while but 32bit is pretty future proof at this point.