Too tight

I have printed some of the parts so I can test and see if everything is fitting the way it should. I am trying this piece

I have the three bearings in there and I can get the piece of conduit in there but it is pretty hard and after it’s in there it’s pretty hard to move. So either I am printing too small or I got the wrong conduit.

The conduit I got has an outside diameter of .925" and I printed the parts from here

Any input would be great I really want to get this thing working.

Those parts look good to me. I haven’t got mine running yet, but my fit is very similar. I think a lot of the problem is that I bought EMT with galvanized texture on the outside, and folks here say that will get worn down.

If you’re worried about scale, try measuring the extreme x, y, and z and comparing it to the STL. I would guess that any stretch would be uniform across the entire part.

Your conduit is the perfect size, you can loosen the center bearing to get a looser fit. The one with plastic on both sides.

Thanks for the info! Sorry for not seeing it but I am not seeing how I can loosen the bearing. Should I make the screw hole larger?

The bearings that have plastic on both sides control tension by squeezing in the other two bearings.