Tool change How-To

OK so I want to cut out an enclosure for all the electronics for my MPCNC. I found this file and it needs engraving drilling and cutting by the looks. The cutting and drilling I can get done with a 3mm single flute endmill. My question is what is the best way to do a tool change to change over to the engraving bit? I would probably do the engraving first and then the cutting/drilling.

Do I just let it finish the engraving and let it go back to the start point, then lift Z and change the tool while the machine is still on? Or do I turn the machine off and hope I don’t move the tool head while changing the bit?


Thanks John

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About to put my listening hat on and soak in all this valuable advice.

Thank you

If you have end stops, this is how I do it.

Thanks Barry. I don’t have endstops. I know a lot of people suggest not to use them but I tried connecting them to my ramps and for some reason whenever I plug them into the board, even when not activated, moving the corresponding axis is weird. It will try to move abit, then stop, then move. It’s like something is physically stopping it from moving. As soon as I disconnect the endstop, it moves normal.I have tried N/O, N/C with different combinations. So… I gave up, for now


Can’t open the thingiverse thing you posted (it’s not a link), but you can also use Estlcams Touchplate function:

Because I’m mostly milling small things, I’m about to set up my vice as the touch plate (refer to the red arrow):
[attachment file=46406]

This is a write up I did Link , hope it helps.