Tool change with SKR with TT firmware

Guys- when I do all my tools set up with my Estlcam , Example is to start with a 6 mm to do all the big cuts then, I want to change to 3 mm to get all the small corners- after the router finishes with the 6mm- it goes into mid air and after I do my tool change there is nothing I can do for the 3mm to resume . Any help will be appreciated.

How are you sending the gcode? My guess is it is paused and waiting for you to resume.

Any help?

I am loading the gcode on an sd card

Do you have a display on your controller? The push button on the display is the only way I have been able to get it to resume after a tool change.

I don’t have any button on the screen I am using the link below

That can’t unpause, unless it intercepts the pause command, which I don’t think it does.

so what would be the best way to get around this tool change ?

I know I can build the gcode into two separate files and load them individually but I do not have a z probe with tt tech firmware unless I have clearly have a miss understanding with the way z probes are used .

secondly what can I do to salvage my parts to load a different firmware

my parts list is
1 . SKR V1.3
2. TMC 5160 or TMC 2130
3.NEMA 17( 17HS16-2004S1)

This feature I am looking currently is
1.Tool Change
2.Z probe

Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated .Thanks

Z probe is hard with the Z having dual endstops and homing down.

You can do some configuration magic and attach a probe to Zmax, then probe with G38.2.

The way we used to do it would still work. Just move to a spot where you set the Z, do the first tool. Then change the tool, go back to where you set the Z for the first tool and set the second at the same place.

If you were compiling your own firmware, you can disable the old screen, and it won’t pause anymore. But you need something to pause.

Thanks Jeffeb3

can I send my g-code through Pronterface or repetier via usb then I can do the tool change through those?

Let me explain how I think it works, because I don’t know dor certain.

M0 is the pause command. The senders know this.

When Marlin is configured for the old screen, and it reads a M0, stops running, and changes the display to show the pause message. It then won’t continue until the button is pressed.

A gcode sender, like RH, or pronterface, could also see the M0, show a message, and stop sending commands to Marlin, which would pause it. If it does that, it should not send the M0 on to Marlin, IMO. But I know people have complained that CNCjs does the pause, and still sends the M0 down, which is like a double pause.

If there is no screen configured in Marlin, and the gcode sender doesn’t handle the pause, it will send the M0, Marlin will ignore it, and you will get no pause.

The LCD screen acts just like the gcode senders. But each of them are making their own choice on whether or not to handle the M0.

The best thing to do would be to write a quick script to test what’s going on.

G92 X0 
G1 X20 F1000
M0 Hello Spinrose!
G1 X0

Run that in the various senders, and see which ones work.