Tool choice for MDF and plywood

I have decided to build a MPCNC with a working space of 100x60x10 cm (still deciding on the 10cm Z… as I don’t know exactly when I would need it).
What a work of genius, this machine, I must add! The way it carries the weight of the tool on 4 points is something so simple yet so smart I wish I had invented:P

I build loudspeakers, and never had a workshop nor do I have a lot of experience with woodworking. So I must always find someone to cut the pieces for me. Then, I wanted to make myself a small workshop and found out I need a lot of tools and machines and space… So I remembered I saw a great little cnc router somewhere, thought it will be more versatile and basically cover everything I need for speaker building… and now I’m printing the parts in the lonely nights:)

I think I have the mechanics and electronics figured out. It shouldn’t be a problem, as I already self sourced and built a 3d printer. What I can’t decide is whether to buy the dewalt or something else for a tool. First I wanted to use a Dremel tool because it is lighter, quieter, and seems more versatile, If I needed it for something else, but am not sure if it will be able to cut through 20mm of wood at a reasonable speed. No need for speed records, but it also shouldn’t be operating at its maximum. It will only be used occasionaly, because it is not my profession. And then there is the tool selection.

I’m asking: can I get away with a dremel, or do I better get a dewalt like “everyone” else?

If you are buying a tool, the dewalt is probably cheaper than a dremel. If you arlready own a dremel and want to try it, perfect, you will move up eventually.

I completely understand the noise issue, but you will have to have a shop vac running when cutting wood so use that as your baseline. My vac is by far the loudest thing. If you have a quiet vac you can get a 300-600W spindle, those are very quiet, but cost a lot more, and some are of questionable build quality (I Still want to try one)

Thank you for your answer. I almost decided to go with the DeWalt, checked the price, and they are very expensive here in Europe. :o
175€ and up. So I’m back with the dremel:P I hope it will sufice.

you could also have a look on a cheap Makita MT3700 (consumer class 70€) or Makita RT0700 (professional series) the 3700 has about 600W and 6mm drillbit, so tools are not expensive and more rigit than the 3mm ones. However, the Makita is bigger than a Dremel…