Tool mount for Dremel 4000?

I am going to use a Dremel 4000. Does it make sense to print the standard Tool Mount or do I have to design one specific? Or is the standard TM a necessary part for the machine and do I have to mount a specific part (for the Dremel) onto the TM?

And another question:
In the file folder there are two Pineapple Couplers in different sizes and also two Nutlocks. Which one to use?


Can’t really help with the Dremel, other than to say you will likely need a different mount. I believe it to be smaller in circumference than the Dewalt. The two pineapple couplers handle different sizes of the threaded rod, the two nutlocks handle different nut sizes.

Thanks Bill,

If I order the bundle electronic parts from Vicious, do I have to take the 5/16 inch pineapple?

Maybe there is someone out there using a Dremel 4000?

Have no Dremel 4000 but printed this mount:
It fits ok for my noname chinese ‘dremel’. Hope it will fit your spindle.

Thanks, and I can see the standard Tool Mount is still being used.

MPCNC 525 Dremel 4000 Mount by fyleo