tool mount sketch?


is there somewhere a drawing with the dimensions and plane of the perforations of the tool mount to draw the tool holder of my splindle?



imho, it would be nice to add it somewhere on the pages. baucase i’m also though about design own tool adapter, but hadn’t dimensions.

No problem. Where would you suggest, where did you look for it?

Maybe a picture at the bottom of spec page

Or even better to add the picture to the thingiverse file set of mpcnc

I have it linked on the Thingiverse pages. I will look for a place to put in in the parts page as well.


Yes a link on the part page, like for the optional Dual Plate


Blank tool holder, how it should be used? I don’t understand the purpose of this part…

That file can be opened in any CAD program and added to to make a mount, if you don’t understand how to make it from the drawing.

When I made my laser mount from the blank part I opened it my CAD program ( and used (projected) points from the STL file to create my own Sketches with the exact same measurements.

YouTube how to recreate a CAD file from an STL for a basic tutorial on the concept. It is easy to figure out. Then you just build up you own custom tool mount using the blank as a template. Its what I did and if I can figure it out just about anybody can.

ok thanks! it serves as a template :wink: