Tool Mount

I am looking for a mount for the DWP611 Dewalt Router on the C-ToolMount on my 525 MPCNC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Isn’t that for the 660 rather than the 611? How is the connection made to the C-ToolMount? Does it use through screws with nuts?

Yeah sorry, I have not made a mount for the 611 on the MPCNC.

I don’t think there is one for the 525 mpcnc. Because of the size of the top it has to stick way out there, which causes quite a bit of leverage on the z assembly.

From what I could find on the Dewalt, the aluminum barrel is 68.75mm. The inner diameter of the makita holder in the first link below is 65mm. I remixed it to hog out the center to 68.75mm, give it a try if you want. (The remix is the 2nd link) The original has worked great for me so far with my Makita, the only slightly irritating thing is that you have to remove the router from the holder before you can remove the holder from the tool mount, but it’s not really a big deal.

It is possible that the Dewalt head is too big to fit this mount without further modification, but if you can give me some dimensions on the Dewalt I can compare to the Makita.