Tool Shadowbox

Wanted to organize a few of my toolbox drawers. Used the anti-fatigue mats from Harbor Freight. Cut with a 2 flute endmill at a DOC of about 6mm. Modeled using Fusion 360, projected the images to trace the tool layout.


Oh that is just nice!!!

Neat stuff! If you don’t mind me asking, how do you project the tool images. I’m just getting into Fusion so if that’s one of its functions, just LMK and I’ll start studying more. :smiley:

I’m kinda surprised that the HF mats are rigid enough to cut with a regular end mill?

I start a sketch, draw a box of the rough dimensions, then choose insert canvas, select your file, and you’re good to go.

I didn’t know how the endmill would cut the mats but they were so cheap I didn’t care if I screwed up. Used a little 3m adhesive to secure them to a scrap piece of wood.


Nice Work!

Another way is to capture something of a known dimension in the image (a ruler is nice). You can right click the canvas object in the browser and select “calibrate”. Then you get to pick two points and tell fusion exactly how far apart they should be.


Yeah, I figured that out on the 3rd set I was cutting. It’s the most accurate haha.

Nice. I wasn’t sure which would be the better workflow because I’ve never resized a canvas the other way. Only reason I learned about canvases was because I saw one being calibrated, lol.

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That is a much simpler method than I have done in the past.

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Great project! I have some of these on my LR2-to-do list.

And thanks for explaining the Fusion 360 ‘canvas’ trick. I’ve done a similar thing with Solidworks. There it’s called a ‘sketch picture’, but it can be scaled pretty much the same way.

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I love this idea and want to make a few for my box, but I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be enough foam left to hold itself together. Any thoughts?

Cutlery tray? :rofl:

I was thinking for my situation, I don’t want to pay for drawers, so perhaps I could take the same idea starting with a hardboard base and cutting foam that is deeper than all the tools (perhaps grouping tools by height), and I could have little stackable pallets instead of being all random in a box or drawers.

If the foam is deeper than the tools then I would also want little finger tabs so I don’t have to fight the foam to grab the tools.

Bigger box?

Smaller tools?

Not perfect but something like this might help…


Back when PDA’s were a brand new thing, I remember saying “If I need a pocket computer to remind me of all my daily appointments, I’ve got too many appointments.”

Any chance you’ve got too many pliers? (Never mind, even as I typed it I knew that was just crazy talk).


I’ve been thinking about something like that. Quarter inch sheet of plywood, with foam on top. Then you can make a couple towers with slots to hold the pallets. Kinda like Frank Howorth’s latest shelving project, but the pallets instead of drawers.

Also, for scaling images one of my retired CSI friends sent me one of these.


And stop using inches while you’re at it!

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He was always yelling that, so we’d use the most random thing we could find for scale.