Hard to convey with a 2D photograph but this is one of the better outcomes I was happy posting. This is a topographical carve of of the 50 Mile race course of the trail race I direct in VA. Hope to get better at these so they might serve as some form of trophy in the future.


That’s awesome, are you able to use a red sharpie in your machine and draw the trail route?


That would be an awesome award!

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Looks fantastic!
Is that a chunk of spalted maple?

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Oh yeah that is fantastic! The detail is pretty amazing.

Hitting that with a laser to etch the course would be cool…but I would have no idea how to get the path scaled and to fit.

Eventually I’d like to laser the route on the top, few things to figure out there.

I think it may be, a few years back I cut some trees down in the yard, and just stacked them for campfires. When I started noodling with this idea I needed a chunk so I grabbed piece I hadn’t split yet and went to work with the chainsaw and came out with a 9x9x6 rough piece i ran through the planer. Can’t recall which stack I grabbed from.

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@vicious1 I could probably figure out the path portion, the amount of dumb maps and graphics i’ve had to create for the race. Raising up the MPCNC would probably be the most time consuming to accommodate the thickness of the base.

Or just make a laser mount that is further up?

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Just build a second machine for the laser :slight_smile: