Totally forgot....the arcade machine I made for my neighbor

I got it all done and forgot to post pictures. This is for my neighbor. I cut everything with LR2 expect the marquee (I did that with the burly before I took it apart for the LR2). It was a fun slow project. I showed my neighbor the one I made and he said how much. I told him the cost of materials if you don’t mind waiting 6-12 month, because I will work on this in my spare time and it took 7 months. It was fun and turned out great…at least he and I think so. It cost about $350, when all was said and done.


Ooh, I really like that shape. It fits the flat screens better than the traditional arcade cabinet.

Does the wide base cause any problems for your feet? I can’t quite tell from the pics if it sticks out farther than your controls.

I like the stripes too. Very slick. Thanks for sharing.


It’s kind of an optical illusion in the picture, the control panel it the same distance as the base. I am heading to the shop tomorrow to take some video of it starting up and side shots. Because I also made some speaker covers for the side and I don’t have any side shots of the machine.

The next one will be modified Teenage mutant ninja turtle machine that is half and tweeked so can wall mount it in the living room…maybe buy a new tv 32" or 40" 4k on black friday to replace the 1st gen 720p that’s in the living room machine now. I don’t think the wife will let me since I have 3 more of the older TV’s in the basement.


Small video for the front end