Touch Plate

Yes I know this has been covered in depth and I have read the articles numerous times, But for the love of me I am still at a loss with the z min. I read Ryan’s reply that said negative and signal wires are all you need to connect, and a feeler gauge and alligator clip would do the job. The Board I am using is a rambo mini supplied by V1 as I am not comfortable with changing codes yet, I have put a multi meter on the z min pins and think the negative is the middle one but am not sure which one is the signal. I know you guys are switched on but as I am so far away I don’t want to risk damaging my little machine. Its OK if you laugh at me but I would appreciate a little assistance in this area please.

Cheers the little Aussie

Solved, it pays to read the wiring diagram in nice white letters it shows what I was after. thanks anyway hope to keep reading articles on the forum almost to much information at times.

Cheers the little Aussie

It is totally OK to be laughed at. But FWIW, this is a good question and an honest mistake. Don’t worry about it and keep the questions coming. I love to help someone who is trying, and it’s even easier when it’s something easy. Glad you got it figured out though.