Track saw thing

This actually turned out a lot better than i expected. The blade needs to be replaced, and I have to put some finishing touches on it, like legs, stop block, clamp, etc, but it works pretty danged good! I might even make v2 out of straight wood, lol.


You have a printnc with a v1 sticker on it, :rofl:.

I say slap the Motor back on it. load up some basic gcode, and zip tie the saw trigger. Let that puppy run itself! Hit go, and stand at the end to catch the cuttoff.

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That’s the desk i used for the lowrider i built. Then the 3rd burly. Then the primo.

I know where my roots are, lol (the new 1x2 primo is on the other side of the shop on my toolbox so i can roll it around).

Really hoping i can arrange things to put a lowrider 3 on this table, and still be able to use the saw.

Now, about that zip tie…
Send power through a relay… We can do that
Take a feed rate through a display… We can do that
Set an endstop at the finish line… We can do that
Turn off the relay when the switch is triggered… We can do that.

I mean, we have all the knowledge here in the forum, don’t we?