Hi. Any good solutions for tramming a DW660 on the burly mounts. Not sure why it isn’t right given the design, but it’s definitely off. I thought I had fixed it a while back with a couple shims, but something’s changed and it’s off again. I also keep getting a looseness in gantry fit to the bearings so something weird is going on in general. I saw an adjustable mount on Thingiverse, but for an older version ( . Anyone come up with a new version they would be willing to share?

About how far off are you? Sometimes people install the mounts upside down.

I used the toll that you can print off thingiverse. It shows it being off about 1/8" or so at the screw from one side to the other Almost in line with the router position from the center of the cross rails. I had it shimmed initially for same reason and that seemed to fix it, but I recently messed with the belts and and took the router off to check calibration with a pen. Put back how I thought I had it, but seems it is off now and the shimming solution is not all that reliable/repeatable. I am not goingto worry about it for moment as I am going to rebuild to a larger foot print (from 12x12 working area to a 12 x 24+ working area.) When I reassemble I will do a better job checking it.