Travel twice the distance in all axis

Hey guys,

Last week someone posted here about adjusting steps because their axis was moving 16mm when directed to move 10mm, something like that. Well I just tested mine today and it moves exactly 2 x further. I taped a ruler on the bed, manually put my pen(still using pen) to exactly zero, moved X by 100mm on repeater and it moved exactly 200mm. It does this with all axis.

Because it’s exactly 2 x, could it be something other than adjusting esteps? I haven’t adjusted e-steps yet, just wanting to know if there was something else that could be wrong.

My laptop decided to sh*t itself yesterday so I would prefer to wait for it to get fixed before I adjust and/or flash/reflash any firmware if I need to.


Thanks for any help



Sounds like you are not using the recommended drv8825 drivers but the a49’s instead. You will need to cut all your steps in half. The drv is 32nd stepping the a49 is 16th.

Thanks Ryan. Yes A4988 is what I’m using. So does that mean the DRV’s are more accurate having more steps?

Technically yes, practically no. Don;t worry about it at all. If you happen to mess those drivers up at some point just replace them with the DVR’s I feel they handle the heat better.

Thanks Ryan. Much appreciated

Your welcome, no problem.

That was me and a super quick way of doing this is by using the rhost to made the updates, by default it is 200 and you can move it down to 100 to help dial it in. i would also use more test drawling to help define further if needed. when you make the changes, dont forget to store settings.


Hi Ryan. I am new to Mpcnc and using Estlcam.

Having just tried my first Dxf file to cut via Estlcam the CNC output is smaller in size though in proportion. What may I be doing wrong. Thanks Rob


You should start new thread in trouble shooting and answer the questions in the sticky post. All the solutions to this are simple but we need to narrow it down to hardware or software first.