trembling / vibration

Hello there, sorry for my english. I put some image for explain my problem: how can i fix the trembling of the machine?

the material is MDF (seem not for the flash of the camera

Please answer the questions from the sticky post. What are you using for the tubing?


Could be anything.

Please answer the questions from the sticky, it looks like you are using a 1/4" bit so what is your cut recipe depth of cut, speed and stepe over, what spindle, rpm’s, how long is your z axis?

If you don’t wanna answer that, The only advice anyone can give is slow down or make shallower cuts.


MPCNC 25 OD printed in PLA at 30mm/s 55% infill

25od iron

Size External CM 91x91x11 (XYZ)

Stepper Motot
NEMA 17 wantai ( 42byghw811 ) 2.5A for phase

Stepper drive
Pololu DRV8825 CLONE

makita RT070x SERIES
RPM: 12k (the lowest speed)

-1 flute
-shank 1/4
-diameter of the endmill 1/8

Firmware RC7

Pc User (estlcam / repetier )

The engrave size is 2mm depth and the external cut is from a 6mmm MDF sheet

If seem i don’t want answer it isn’t correct: simple i don’t understand well US english; if you can question me as at a 4yo child should be great :wink:

Use shallower passes. Something like .5 or 1mm per pass.

seem better now :slight_smile:

I suppose it was a software problem, now i will try to work better in that direction, thanks to all